San Francisco, CA | Carrboro, NC

We’re a group of friends who love to design and build out ideas with our customers by our side.

A few of us started Roof while we were roommates in college as a way to share some things in our home in a simple way (originally it was also an excuse to play with some new technologies, in all honesty). Soon our landlord, Nathan, got involved.

At the time, Nathan had owned around 15 rental homes with over 50 tenants, and he was a fantastic landlord. He was good at solving problems efficiently and communicating clearly, but most importantly he treated us like friends, not assets. Because of it, we had a ton of respect for him, and we treated our home with extra love.

The tools he was using to manage tenants felt clunky though. His tenants wanted a seamless renting experience but had to pay and talk to him through slow and ugly software with bad customer service. What Nathan realized was that the tools he uses to interact and solve problems with his tenants contributes a lot to his brand and his reputation. The hard work he was putting in to being a steward of his homes and business was apparent, but it was in spite of the management tools he used.

We continued building Roof with Nathan to give tenants and landlords a straight-forward and beautiful app for chat threads, sending rent payments while keeping track of accounting, and organizing renting logistics. We try to make it really easy for landlords to be awesome at what they do.

Plus, our business only succeeds when yours does. That’s the way it should always be.

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