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1. Log each time you pay for something shared like groceries, new furniture, or monthly utility bills.

2. Keep a balance of how much you and your roommates owe each other, that updates automatically.

3. Pay each other back by buying the next thing, helping out around the house, or paying part of your roommates' rent.

Track Expenses

When you pay for something shared like groceries or a monthly utility bill, create a new expense to update your roommate balance.

Rotating Reminders

Schedule reminders for household tasks that rotate automatically between your roommates. If you want, add a prize to factor completing the task into your balance.

Shared Shopping Lists

Track which shared household goods need to be bought, and log an expense when someone restocks them.

Pay Rent

You and your roommates can pay rent in the app if your landlord is using Roof, too. Split the rent however you want, and even settle your roommate balances by paying each others’ rent.

Maintenance Requests

Send your landlord requests for home repairs or maintenance when you need to, or chat with them about anything else without ever leaving the app.

A Thread for Everything

Everything in your Roof has a message thread attached, which makes talking with your roommates or your landlord simple. Plus, make a new thread to talk about anything you like—from planning a party to keeping a list of shared passwords.

Pay nothing!

Use Roof with your roommates totally free.