Home, sweet home

Share reminders, expenses, shopping lists, and pay rent with your roommates—all for free.

Split payments

Monthly utility bills? New TV for the living room? Roof keeps a running tab between roommates, so you can split the cost of household expenses and always stay settled up.

Easy reminders

Roof lets you schedule and track your household tasks. You’ll never have to guess if anyone fed the goldfish, or whether recycling day is this Thursday or next.

Notifications (the best kind)

Love checking things off? Roof reminds your roommates when it’s their turn to do something, and lets everyone know when things get completed.

Share shopping lists

Roof tracks the household items you share with your roommates and whether or not they’re in stock. You’ll never have to worry about running out of dish soap 20 minutes before your parents are coming over.

Simple service requests

Submit requests through Roof for things around the home that need fixing, and get that refrigerator running with as little work as possible.

One-tap rent payments

Pay rent in the app with your landlord—instantly, magically. Want to pay extra for the master bedroom? Split the rent unevenly with your roommates, no one will mind.

...and Roof is totally free.