Roof Privacy Policy

Here’s how we collect and use data that belongs to the people using Roof. This includes people visiting our website,, using the Roof app on iOS or Android, or interacting with Roof through any social network.

Just to be clear, anywhere we say “we”, “our”, or “us”, we’re referring to the company that owns Roof.

And, when we say “you”, we’re assuming that you use Roof.

What data does Roof collect?

We collect the data you give to us when doing things like creating your account, updating your profile, or emailing us. This includes your name, email address, phone number, bank account information, billing information, and other generic information like your gender, birthday, and ZIP code. We also collect the contact information for your roommates if you invite them through the app.

While you’re using Roof we also collect:


We may also use cookies to collect data on how you use either the Roof website or the Roof app. This is a tiny file that gets placed on your computer that helps us understand how you use Roof. This is super common practice, and doesn’t put you or your computer in any danger. This may sound like a lot of information to collect, but we promise—we have a good reason for all of it.

Hold up. What do you mean when you say “collect” data?

The data we collect is not printed out and pinned up on the wall of our office—in case that’s what you’re thinking. Collecting data just means that, once you give information to us, it stays somewhere in our database to possibly be used later. We sincerely just want to make the app better and more useful, and we want to work with our users to make it happen.

To be clear, collecting data DOESN’T mean that any human looks at your information. We can access your info if we need to (like in some of the cases we’ll describe shortly), but it’s usually only used by the computer. In fact, all sensitive information like your password or bank account CAN’T be read by anybody because it’s totally encrypted. This means only a computer can read it, and only after you’ve given it permission to do so.

How does Roof use my information?

Mostly, we just use your data to make Roof work! You wouldn’t be able to make a Roof account without supplying some of the data we ask for, like your email address. We also consider things you create in your Roof like reminders, logged expenses, or your nickname to be your personal information.

Some of the data you give us is used to make Roof secure. We care a lot about this, especially for people who use Roof to make rent payments. For example, by asking for your phone number we can make sure every account on Roof is authentic, helping to keep real people safe from things like criminal hackers, phishing, or scams. Your phone number is also used to send you text message notifications, if you want them.

We store and use the data you send us in emails or contact forms to help address any problems you might run into while using the app. We care a lot about being helpful to those using Roof, and using this information to make Roof better. We collect bulk data on the behavior of everyone who uses Roof, so we can learn how features are performing and make smarter improvements to the app. We would never use this information to identify anyone individually.

Also, letting Roof store your data makes it possible for you to do a lot of other things, including:

Who else can see the information I give Roof?

If we need to share your information for any reason, we’ll always ask for your permission first and never share anything you don’t want us to share. Below are the ONLY times we may share your data without explicitly asking.

  1. If we’re required by the law to share your data, or have some reason to think that the law requires us to share your data.
  2. If we sincerely think sharing your data is the right or responsible thing to do in the interest of someone’s safety or security.
  3. If, for any reason, enforcing our terms of use or any of our other policies requires sharing your information.
  4. We might sometimes use bulk information on how people are using Roof in order to learn and share how different features in the app are performing. But none of this information would ever be used in a way that could identify someone who uses Roof individually.
  5. If you add your bank account, we’ll send your information to our service provider Plaid in order to link your bank account. You can read Plaid’s privacy policy here, which explains how your data will be used after we give it to Plaid.

To be clear, we aren’t responsible for any of the information you give to any other third parties through Roof, except for Dwolla. We use Dwolla to process your payments, and we may exchange your personal information with Dwolla only in order to answer questions or fix problems you may have while using Roof. This may include your contact information or some data on how you’re using Roof, but would never include anything sensitive like your bank account information without it first being encrypted.

Roof may have links that send you to other places like websites or apps that aren’t affiliated with Roof. We also aren’t responsible for any information you give them, which means this privacy policy doesn’t apply to anything you do in those places.

How do you keep my data safe?

We take lots of reasonable steps to prevent your personal info from being used in ways that we aren’t okay with. This includes using secure servers and databases for storing your data. Although even today’s best security features aren’t perfect — it’s always a possibility that your information could be stolen, intercepted, or misused by someone less cool than us.

Does my data really belong to me?

You have total control to change or delete the information you’ve given Roof at any time by logging into your account. You’re also totally free to opt out of getting any emails or texts from us without having to delete your account—except in the case where one of our policies requires that we email you, or we just really feel like we need to tell you something. But, hopefully that won’t happen.

And if you want to, you can delete your Roof account at any time. However, we can’t guarantee all the data you’ve given Roof will be deleted. For example, chores you create with your roommates may still exist even after you leave your Roof or delete your account.

What happens if this privacy policy changes?

All information you give us is subject to this privacy policy. If we decide to make any changes to the policy, we’ll let you know by email or some other reasonable method of communication, and we’ll make the new version available on our website. If you keep using Roof after the policy has been updated, that means you agree to the updates and that the updated policy will apply to you.

I have a question!

If you have any concerns about this privacy policy let us know! We love hearing from you.

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