Passive income on auto pilot

Less time working for your income, more time enjoying it

Pay easier

Your tenants will pay rent through the app, so you get error-free accounting and no more rent checks flooding your mailbox.

Rent roll in seconds

Roof lets you see who’s paid rent for the month with just a glance, and soon will be able to apply late fees automatically.

Fix it quick

Your tenants can send requests for repairs and maintenance straight to your dashboard in seconds.

Rent reminders

Roof reminds your tenants about upcoming rent payments for you, right on their phones.

Let Amanda handle it

When your tenants have an issue, Amanda talks with them to understand the problem clearly, and notifies your handyman automatically—but only when necessary. You won’t get slowed down every time some “broken plumbing” really just needs some Drain-O.

Less desk time

Use the Roof mobile app to keeping up with everything, from anywhere you like.

Award-winning Customer Service

Using a new app shouldn’t be scary. Call, text, email, or Tweet us and we’ll do whatever it takes to get you on track.

"Roof makes every single step to renting properties faster, easier, and cooler."

Mills Rentals, Chapel Hill, NC

It’s time to finally make renting easy.