Two ways to pay for Roof

Renting through Roof costs two bucks per transaction. You can have your tenants pay it, or decide to cover the fee yourself.

Two ways to pay

Your Tenants Pay:

If you’d rather use Roof for free, you can pay nothing and require your tenants to pay instead. In this case your tenants will pay a $2.00 fee on every payment they make to you.

You Pay:

Wanna be awesome and help out your tenants? As a landlord you can pay $2.00 for each transaction you receive, and your tenants will get to make payments for free. Plus, each time your tenants make a payment they’ll see that you’re covering their fee for them.

What your tenant will see when they pay rent:

Tenant payment screens

Decide for anyone, or for everyone

When you get started you’ll choose a default payment setting that will apply to all of your leases. But if you feel like making an exception, you can also change the payment setting individually for each of your leases, at any time: Choose for each lease

In short, pay as much or as little as you want.

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