Start using Roof as a tenant

Follow along on the Roof iPhone app. Or, check out the Android app walkthrough here.

I. Signup

Create your Roof account. You can do this anytime—before or after your landlord invites you to a lease.


II. Join a lease

Once your landlord has created a lease, they will invite you to it.

You’ll receive a text message or email that includes a join key. If you have roommates on the same lease, they’ll each receive their own invitation with a unique key.

Invitation received

Tap the + icon in the top right and choose “I’m a tenant”.

Who are you?

Enter the join key you received in your lease invitation.

Join with key

III. Setup your lease

Once you’ve entered your lease, you can choose to turn on notifications. If you like, Roof will notify you of things you should know about, like when rent is due soon, or when a maintenance request was resolved by your landlord.

Setup reminders

Setup your individual rent amount. If you and your roommates share the same lease, you can choose to divide up your rent however suits you best. Want to pay extra for the master bedroom? No problem. (You can always change this later in your Roof settings.)

Setup your rent

You’ll need to add a bank before you can pay rent.

Add bank

You can tap “Find your bank” to do this just by signing into your bank account.

Add bank with Plaid

Or, you can add it using your account and routing number. *Keep in mind: this option may take a couple business days for your bank to be verified.

Add bank with accounting & routing number

IV. You’re ready!

Now you’re ready to rent with Roof. You can pay rent as soon as you’ve added a bank, even if you have roommates that still haven’t joined.

Lease home

You can view all your upcoming rent invoices by tapping Invoices

Invoices view

…and make new maintenance requests when necessary, that will go straight to your landlord.

New maintenance request

Finally, just tap the name of your lease at the top of the screen to change your rent amount, check the individual rent amount for everyone on your lease, or see other lease information like the start and end date.

Lease settings

Start using Roof